P.S.I.C. Investment Club 正链投资

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
-- Henry Ford

Founded in California in January 2013 by a group of PKU alumni and friends, Positive Strand Investment Club (PSIC) ranks No. 1 in Google for independent equity research on biotechnology.

Unlike in-house analysts on Wall Street who sit far away from research and development, our partners hold senior positions across academia, industry and healthcare-related professional fields in the United States. Unlike other amateur investment clubs, our partners not only possess diverse technical expertise, but also are committed to conduct sophisticated research as a group.

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We've developed an evolving research framework:

First, we go through clinical stage companies that have major catalyst events coming (NDA filing; PDUFA pending; or CRL received) to select one for detailed study. Second, we survey the indicated disease for market potential and unmet medical needs. Third, we evaluate the candidate drug for its risk and benefit profile, probability of approval and competitive landscape. Finally, we do financial analysis to make investment decision.

After 37 online meetings, we have accomplished 7 analysis projects, identified innovative companies that focus on satisfying unmet medical needs and improving people’s quality of life. Of 7 small companies we studied, 4 were already acquired by big pharma, proving their value. We learned a lot, including FDA regulatory pathway, drug development success rates, and factors that imply approval probabilities.

With our unique platform and efficient framework, PSIC embraces the financial industry trend that shifts equity research towards independent firms. In the future, we will build on our knowledge and experience, and start an investment fund for healthcare sector.

Our mission:

  1. Have fun discussion with fellow partners.
  2. Learn something about healthcare industry.
  3. Maybe making (losing more likely) some money.

About Us

What we do | Who we are | How we organize | and Why?

What we do? (Adobe Flash required; best view on computer)

Who we are?

We are a group of professionals with shared vision, quality training and diversified current positions. We are mostly alumni from Bio, Peking University. We are trained MSs and PhDs in graduate schools in the United States. Currently, some of our members hold positions as postdoctoral scholars in top research institutions, scientists in leading biotechnology companies, senior associates in consulting firms, as well as regulatory experts in big pharma. Our diverse background ensures the club to be dynamic, competent and always up-to-date on the most cutting edge scientific, industrial, and market trends.

How we organize?

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Club membership is by invitation only. As of now, we are not accepting new member.

The Fund

The Goal of Positive Strand Investment Club is to start a fund. We dream to go through the stages of:

  • by 2017: investment partnership (no-fee)
  • by 2022: partnership fund (0-25/6%)
  • by 2027: trust fund
  • by 2032: And eventually become a Berkshire Hathaway-style investment company of the healthcare sector

This is the sector where Buffett and Munger have left untouched, mostly.
It never hurts to dream a little.

New to Club

To Join:

  • Tell me your gmail address (for Google Group and access to Google Drive)
  • Tell me your Skype ID (please accept my request)

Get ready:

Come to meeting:

Please show up on Skype on time. the project leader will dial in as group Skype ID. He/She will add you to the call. If you are not getting connected, message the leader or me on Skype or email me or this group (less preferred).

Use headphones, not speakers. Mute yourself to reduce noise when you are not speaking.

Looking forward to new talents shining in our group!

Equity Research Reports

Reports Available

We have the following reports available for sale:
1. ACRX: AcelRx Pharmaceuticals
2. ACAD: Acadia Pharmaceuticals
3. AGRX: Agile Therapeutics

Sample Report

We provide a sample report here. So you can understand what we are doing here at PSIC.

[Download Sample Report]

It is our 5th project on Intermune - an orphan disease, single product small pharmaceutical company. It is acquired by Roche shortly after we selected it as our research candidate.

  • Pre Meeting: Candidate Selection
  • ITMN 1st Meeting: Disease/Market Overview
  • ITMN 2nd Meeting: Drug/Competitor Analysis
  • ITMN 3rd Meeting: Financial Analysis


Giving | 捐赠

From the very beginning, PSIC is committed to its social responsibility.