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BioEquity Initiating Coverage on BRLI – Buy

Price target: $42 (trailing p/e 30)



Peer comparison


Technical Analysis

Currently BRLI just pulled back from all time high to its 200MA along with correction in big market. As of 11/19/2012, BRLI is bouncing back strongly from its 200MA.

CANSLIM Criteria:

C (Current Earnings): Up 25% percent from last year

A (Annual Earnings): 5yr EPS growth 24.9%, ROE TTM 20.2%

N (New products or services): New services in Oncology and Women’s Health are implemented well; GeneDx; just announced new first of its kind Spanish lab services in response to the rising latin base upon Obama care.

S (Supply and demand of stocks): Daily turn-over is less than 1.5%. The recent pull back from new all time high to 200MA is in relatively high volume. Caution here.

L (Leader or laggard?): BRLI is the leader in industry. It has two larger competitors. LH is a strong competitor. But its organic growth is not as good as BRLI, since LH has expanded a lot through merging and acquisition. DGX has been lagging on revenue growth for quite a while.

I (Institutional sponsorship): According to MSN money the most recent data suggests institutions are selling other than buying (as of 9/30/2012).

M (Market indices): Market is pulling back from a multi year high. Wait for uptrend follow though signal.